Paper Cup Manufacturer In Kolkata

WELCOME TO GREENWARE - It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company.

State-of-the art technology, environment friendly, pollution free Gen X entrepreneurship shows a big step towards the moral of keep the globe clean for the coming generation.

Every day, earth becomes more and more polluted. Air pollution fills our lungs with deadly substance. Water pollution is rapidly eradicating what little freshwater we have left. Land pollution is causing once-fertile lands to become little more than desert. While many solutions have been offered, none are successful. But there is hope! A real solution exits – GREENWARE REVOLUTION.

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Quality objective of our company

  • To satisfy customers requirements fully by delivering the required quality and quantity at the right time and right place.
  • To ensure quality in every step throughout the manufacturing process
  • To take continuous efforts to improve quality and productivity through technology up gradation to meet customer requirements.


plastic cup manufacturers in kolkata
plastic cup manufacturers in kolkata
plastic cup manufacturers in kolkata
plastic cup manufacturers in kolkata

Greenware is trying to provide a pollution less price sensitive solution to the market. We have state of the art technology to achieve this goal. Our company is working towards our goals step by step. Greenware is one of the leading manufacturers of paper plate making machine in kolkata. We have one stop solution for paper plate manufacturer in kolkata. Our area of focus has been quality & customer satisfaction. We are also provide of paper plate raw materials in kolkata. Greenware is one of the experts in paper cup making machine in kolkata. Paper cup making machine is very popular now a day, we have all the necessary apparatus to provide you the best services possible. Manual and Automatic both types of machines are available for users. Greenware commitment towards quality has always been the driving force behind its success and growth. Products of our company widely appreciated in the market. From low price paper cup machine to paper cup raw material suppliers in kolkata we are well known to every major business.

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