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State-of-the art technology, environment friendly, pollution free Gen X entrepreneurship shows a big step towards the moral of keep the globe clean for the coming generation.

Every day, earth becomes more and more polluted. Air pollution fills our lungs with deadly substance. Water pollution is rapidly eradicating what little freshwater we have left. Land pollution is causing once-fertile lands to become little more than desert. While many solutions have been offered, none are successful. But there is hope! A real solution exits – GREENWARE REVOLUTION.

One of the leading Manufacturers & Suppleir of Eco Friendly Paper Cups from India. Ever since our inception, our area of focus has been quality & customer satisfaction. We believe in catering our customers with good quality products at very competitive prices. We manufacture quality Paper Cups of various sizes and as per customer requirements also. We have acquired a reputation in the market with our high quality products, ability to understand the needs of our customers and timely delivery of the ordered products. Our clients have admired our personalized approach to the business, which has helped us in developing long lasting relationships with them.Standard set of rules and procedures are followed by the company’s manufacturing unit to keep-up with highest standards of quality and hygiene. Equipped with automatic machinery, the plant is highly fitted to maintain temperature levels to bring desired quality to every single product we manufacture and supply. For all the paper products manufactured, we use Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) paper which is certified by ITC Paper Division. With utmost quality we are sure to delight the customers with our impressive range of products. With diligent efforts, we have mastered the technologies and trends that are used in this industry worldwide. We believe to hold aloft highest standards of business ethics with complete commitment to quality.

Promoted by Mr. Sumit Ghosh, the company, since its establishment has maintained dignified position in the industry and earned its reputation through constant innovation in the products manufactured as per customer demands. The brand and its goodwill have a long way to go with its customer trust and quality products.


We introduce ourselves as a reputed organization that excels in the Leading Manufacture & Suppliers Eco Friendly Paper Cups in India. The company’s commitment towards quality has always been the driving force behind its success and growth since its inspection and it continues to be its guideline into the future. Our main aim to maintain quality consistency and to provide excellent serve to our respectable customers at fair market prices.

We believe that quality is a comprehensive aspect and should be ingrained in every stage from raw materials to processes and finally in the final product. So we follow rigid quality control procedures, from the raw material stage to the packing stage. Our products have been widely appreciated in the international market. Through innovative design and superb craftsmanship we are continually expanding our range of products. The exceptional quality and the huge variety will astonish you.

Our company believes that quality standards of products and services can be raised through teamwork, training and motivation. Our main focus is on offering outstanding products to our customers and sticking to timely delivery schedules. We also have the expertise and capability to execute bulk order and customized orders as per the buyer’s demand. Our quality products have helped us to establish long lasting relationships with our clients.

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