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Suitable raw material supplier for making paper plates

Traditionally we used to use ‘Sal’ and ‘Siali’ plates, but as the price of ‘Sal’ and ‘Siali’ plates increased excessively, plate makers started showing interest in making plastic plates, bowls, glass. Although plastic plates are cheap, they are also very harmful to our bodies and the environment. To prevent the use of plates made of plastic or similar material. To reduce the use of plates made of plastic or similar materials, 'GREENWARE' paper plate raw materials are supplied to various plate manufacturing companies.

Necessary raw material for paper plate:

We supply all kinds of good quality raw materials for making paper plates. We sell Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) paper of all sizes and designs required for making plates, bowls, glass according to customers' demand. Our paper plate raw materials are of high quality and can be easily used to make the plate.

Environmental benefits of using paper plate:

We have focused on the use of paper plates, especially in the field of environmental protection. for example –

  • Paper materials and crafts decompose easily, resulting in less environmental pollution.
  • Less carbon is emitted when making paper plates.
  • Paper plate making machines do not require high production capacity.

We supply plate raw material with a very good reputation in Kolkata. Our main goal is to supply customers with outstanding raw materials. Paper plate manufacturers can contact us to buy raw materials at the right price. The use of our staff is extremely friendly and will send you feedback according to your needs.

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